The Harvi Life – Perfect Pair

Ravi and Hanna met almost 25 years ago, sharing their hopes, their dreams and aspirations with each other, best friends, partners in life and now partners in business. 

Ravi has a background in Academia but his secret passion has always been to be a part of the culinary world. With an adventurous palette, Ravi is always willing to tickle his tastebuds with something new and exciting albeit food or drink! The more reserved and contemplative of the two, he brings to the business a sophistication that is very much a part of what they do. 

Rehanna comes from a property development background and is now a full time stay at home Mom. A “job” she puts her heart and soul into. Poetic, artistic and creative, Rehanna brings a flair.. a certain ‘fluto’ as the Italians say that lends itself to the more creative side of their business.

The ‘Harvi’ life partners wanted to create something exciting to make their own mark in the food and beverage industry but they also felt passionate about giving back to their wider community. They decided whatever they served had to be bubbly and delicious to excite palettes while simultaneously uplifting lives.

With dedication and passion they embarked on a journey to bring you something special. To Them, it’s not about providing a service but forging a relationship with those whose paths they cross.